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We have one new full time professor at our university for the undergraduate business program at LaSalle and that is Burçin Güçlü. She is currently teaching statistics, methods of decision analysis and modern social thoughts. She used to work as a part time professor, so her face might sound familiar for many of us.

Burçin was born in Turkey and she lived all her life there until she moved to Spain in 2010. She went to a French primary school were she learned French. She is able to speak four languages, Spanish, Turkish, English and French. Burçin was a solid working student, never absent and always on time. She was a top student among her peers in primary school yet she faced the reality when she moved in her high school to Robert College. In such college she was one more and did not outstand from the rest of her classmates, as it was an extremely competitive school.

After graduating she decided to study Business & Economics in Koç University, with a fellowship. While studying she attended to London School of Economics to complete some summer programs. Once she obtained her degree she knew that she wanted to further explore the field of statistics. Yet she was certain about staying in Europe. So she applied to the top business schools in Europe, until she decided to study in IESE in 2010 to do a PhD in decision sciences. While conducting the research for her thesis, she worked as a teaching assistant for some MBA classes. For Burçin, IESE was her new house, as she lived there and had close relationships with the faculty members.

When she was finishing her studies in IESE, she met what would be her future husband today. He is from Barcelona and they met in IESE, they both share the same field of interest, which is business, yet they try to keep their jobs separate.

On the other hand it took her 2 or 3 years to learn Spanish. The reason for that was that she spent most of her time in the campus and barely had contact from the outside as she used to work many hours a day. In addition to that, the majority of the people that were in IESE were from all parts of the world, so she barely noticed that she was living in Spain.

After finishing her PhD she dedicated an entire year to work in universities teaching various courses in EADA, UIC, Toulouse Business School and LaSalle.

Nevertheless we must not forget that Burçin is not a machine which only studies, teaches and does statistics. Burçin likes to run every two days for about 10 kilometres and sometimes encounters herself with students within the city. She also used to go cycling to IESE every day and for those who don’t know where IESE is, it is in the upper part of the city, mostly uphill. She also used to perform figure skating and she used to train in the pista de gel of FCB. She does not play any music instruments but she indeed has a passion for sports.

There are several things that she does really like about our university. One of the things is the international mind-set and the other is the level of English. She also likes the cozy teaching environment and the friendly faculty and staff members who are fully dedicated to the personal development of students. Nevertheless she would like to improve the responsibility of the students and the punctuality. She would like her students to have a more business mentality. As I mentioned before, Burçin would be delighted if her students were somewhat more responsible and punctual.

Burçin is very well settled in the city and she would like to live for many more years. Yet she does not discard to go back to Turkey at some point in her life. We hope that these kinds of professors are what LaSalle will continue to aim at.

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