A six months stay in KTH, Stockholm

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La Salle Acoustics has done a research stay in Stockholm, Sweden.

The researcher Marc Arnela  has completed a six months stay (from the 18th of November 2013 to the 6th of June 2014) in the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Stockholm. He has been hosted in the Department of Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH) by Professors Sten Ternström and Olov Engwall.

During his visit, he worked in the field of numerical voice generation within the EU-FET project EUNISON, performing Finite Element simulations of the vocal tract acoustics using geometries based on magnetic resonance imaging data.

The stay was funded by the Government of Catalonia (AGAUR) with an exchange BE grant Nº 2012-BE100242, and by the EUNISON project. 

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