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Welcome to La Salle BCN – Acoustics new blog! This is intended to disseminate and share news and activities on acoustics  that could be interesting for students, researchers, engineers and any one with curiosity on this amazing discipline.

We encourage everyone to contribute with information that could be of interest to the acoustics community.

If you want to know more on our activities please visit:

For Research activities:    http://lasallerd.salleurl.edu/Acoustics

For Teaching activities:http://www.salleurl.edu/WCM_Front/Formaciones/Pestanyes/_FHq0KEgb-SQ8r7JBEag5ooPB6h93h7kGtLd18dSKeha5LKvLQ8KH2d_arpbWIEppdqmQgsbDZ-J0Healg_d2fgug_1nLSvy_atWUV1bW_9VqA-6VvfJHKQ


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