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Hi everyone! Today we are going to talk about the practical case that we have to develop related with Data Centers.

This year, the case focuses on the design of a new generation Data Center for a banking institution. As banks are always processing data and executing operations, it is absolutely necessary for our solution to offer the highest possible availability and assure that the Data Center never falls. To accomplish it, redundancy equipment needs to be placed (avoidance of the Single Point of Failure) as well as a strict backup system (fast Disaster Recovery). Furthermore, a pre-production environment must be set to let developers test the modifications or new features introduced safely, without modifying the working scheme until the right moment.

The new Data Centers of la Caixa

The new Data Center of la Caixa

It is clear to see that the data type that is being managed by these kind of companies is very critical and confidential. That’s why an extra effort in security equipment will be required in order to guarantee the integrity, reliability and isolation of data. Moreover, a security policy must be defined, implementing a layered firewalling structure that prevents the introduction of Malware, Spam & Spyware, the loss of data and unauthorised access. Here you can find more information about the security in Data Centers.

Banking institutions receive a high amount of connections every day, which means that high bandwidth links and devices are necessary to always offer optimal response times and never collapse the network. Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology will be used to avoid bottlenecks.

Finally, given that money is not a problem for these kind of companies and all of the requirements are critical and must be 100% accomplished, there will be no budget limitations to assure it.

Stay tuned for our solution to this case and its requirements, in the following weeks we will keep updating the blog with new posts talking about it! And of course, feel free to leave a comment or share this post!

See you!


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