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Let’s talk about our providers!

Hi everyone!

In this post we are going to talk about the providers in which we are going to invest in order to create a Data center to a financial entity:

The first step would normally be to choose what providers will we use to our Data Center, but in our case, we have been assigned the following providers according to the products that they provide,
So the solution has been divided in:

– Servers: DELL
– LAN (Network): Juniper
– Security: Juniper

In order to introduce you to our providers we are going to explain some of their background and the solutions that they provide in their corresponding segments

As some of you will know, Dell is a company that has sold, since their beginning, PC and related components, such as data storage devices, network components…
In 2015 it was the third PC vendor in the world after Lenovo and HP, so they have a good amount of income to invest and provide good and useful solutions to our requirements.
In what concerns us, that is with their servers, Dell has a very extended number of server types to offer, for which it covers various budgets and possible destinations.
Their server catalog goes from high performance servers adapted to PYMES with medium and small requirements, to bigger scale solutions for big enterprises that need High Availability, big workloads and good scalability.

link for more information:

Juniper Networks is one of the biggest companies that provides network products. In their first steps, they were focused in routers for the Internet Service Providers but nowadays, they also provide switches, security products and software defined to networking.
About networking, Juniper provides a simple solution for networking deployment, open integration that allows you to make a data center not only with one provider which translates into more flexibility, and finally, their new cloud services, delivering services and applications in public cloud or building your own private cloud.

If you want more information about their hardware products visit this link:

So we finally get to the security, the segment that we think is more critical nowadays, and, in a financial entity, that has private, secret and confidential information and resources, is the part that has to be more careful, it is not enough to provide half solutions, you can’t save resources on security.
Because the security is so important, we need high level solutions to secure our network from possible attackers with the last and more efficient products, Juniper offers many hardware devices and software solutions in order to secure the data centers, they have scalable firewalls to provide us with a first barrier, advanced malware protection for cloud services, a real-time updated threat intelligence to help the firewalls to block possible attackers, and SIEM technologies which helps you to manage all the events with only one platform, from firewalls, syslogs, and all the products that must be secured.

link for more information:

We will keep you informed of our research on the subject, so stay tuned!

See you in future posts!


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