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Hi everyone!

Last week post, we introduced the network requirements that our financial data center have and we explained the different technologies that our provider, Juniper Networks, have regarding the network equipment. After some discursion we concluded that the best technology to meet with the case requirements was to implement the QFabric system.


There are several requirements that we need to accomplish, some of them were included in the previous post, however we will compare our technology with all of them:

  • With the QFabric systems, all the access layer equipment (QFrabric nodes) from the edge of the network, can be redundant and connected to two or more QFrabric Interconnect devices, this provides us the redundancy needed by any financial entity.
  • For those applications and data that have to be published on the Internet, that foreign users can access, must be strictly separated from the corporative network, the QFabric Director devices can segregate our network providing this level of security in order to protect the corporate network from possible external attackers, also with this devices the system can balance the traffic between the Interconnect devices, and as we said in last week post, Juniper’s QFabric devices have a capacity on the access nodes of 10Gbps and can deliver a capacity up to 40Tbps using the full mesh system.
  • The spanning tree protocol reduces up to 50% the actual bandwidth; Juniper products can disable this protocol in order to use the maximum performance of the links.
  • These systems can support future technologies that require high capacities like 100Gbps or even 1-40 Tbps.

QFabric devices

For all these reasons we concluded that the QFX3000 family from Juniper Networks is the best choice to deploy in our financial entity.

If you want some more general information about this QFabric models you can visit the Juniper Networks page: http://www.juniper.net/us/en/products-services/switching/qfabric-system/

And more information about this systems and devices: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos12.3/topics/concept/qfabric-architecture-understanding.html

That’s all for today’s post, see you on future posts!


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