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Hi everybody! After explaining our solution to meet the service requirements of our case using a HP solution, now we are going to present which servers equipment we have chosen to implement it.

First of all, we see that HP divides its types of servers based on the main goal they need to achieve. These types are: Density Optimsed Servers, Mission Critical Servers, Servers for Cloud and Servers for Internet of Things.

Density Optimised Servers are designed to save OPEX costs and space while boosting system performanceMission Critical Servers are intended to guarantee high-volume & high-value workloads with reliability, availability and real-time response requirements. Servers for Cloud are open source solutions that perfectly fit in an hybrid cloud environment, providing flexibility and quick growth fore medium and small companies. Finally, Servers for Internet of Things are edge network devices suitable for this new expanding paradigm. Taking into account that our Data Center is designed for a bank institution which runs critical and real-time applications and services, we opt for the Mission Critical Servers.

When zooming into this portfolio, we find that there are several servers that could meet our requirements. That’s why we looked for a real case that could be similar to ours and note which servers are used. The case we used is the Addiko Bank‘s one. This financial institution runs a network of six banks placed in southeastern Europe, with approximately 250 branches, €8 billion in total assets and 1.2 million customers. Addiko experienced application performance issues with their old Data Center Infrastructure, which has reached its limits and didn’t let the company to expand anymore. After considering different solutions, they decided to migrate to an HP architecture using Superdome X servers. With them, 30% faster response, 250% better performance, 78% reduced costs and a safeguarded decade of future growth were achieve. To learn more about this real-life successful case, click here. After observing this case, we decided to use Superdome X servers for our solution.

Servers Equipment A set oh HP Superdome X blade servers

A set of HP Superdome X blade servers

The Superdome X are blade servers that provide purpose-built compute optimized for the highest availability, scalability, and efficiency, and is ideal for the most demanding and critical business processing and decision support enterprise workloads, which is the case of bank institutions. Superdome X maximizes the uptime of critical applications with up to 20x greater reliability than platforms relying on soft partitions alone and 60% less downtime than other x86 platforms. Up to 16 sockets and 48TB of memory can handle all traditional and in-memory databases and large scale-up x86 workloads while offering less Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than other solutions. Moreover, Superdome X can isolate critical applications from other application failures with the HP unique x86 hard partitioning (HPE nPars). To learn more about the solutions provided with these blade servers and its technical specifications, click here and here.

Servers Equipment Mounted Racks with Superdome X servers

Mounted Racks with Superdome X servers

That’s all for today. As always thank you for following us and remember to leave a comment and share if you liked the post! See you next week!


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