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In today’s post we are going to continue with our case study, in particular we will present what solution does our manufacturer offer in terms of management of the data center. In a previous post we talked about DCIM and the benefits that a good management tool provide to a data center.

The solution that Arista Netwoks offers is Arista EOS (Arista Extensible Operating System), consists in a set of software applications that provides automation, high availability and network visibility and analytics. WE list a summary of the most important features that the solution offers:

  • Cloud Scale Architecture: possibility to scale from 100 to 100.000+ compute and storage nodes.
  • Open and programmable: enables programmable control of the network, rich and well-structured APIs.
  • High Availability
  • Visibility: visibility into applications performance and network-wide monitoring capabilities.
  • Automation: platform for automating the network operations tasks.
  • Flexible consumption models

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Arista EOS offers a graphic solution for advanced telemetry, the platform stores all real-time state of the devices in one common database to be able to stream any state change. It’s an optimal solution for business that require to perform critical analytics and monitoring high data volumes, as in our case. Arista has the possibility of EaaS (EOS as a Subscription) that permits to hire only the services that we need and not to pay for all of them.

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This is all for today, I wish this would be interesting to you.

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