Data Center Management

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Data Center Management

Hi everyone! In today’s post we are going to talk about Data Center Management. What is data center manegement? Well, a data center administrator has to watch over servers, equipment and multiple systems that are involved in the Data Center performance and an efficient monitoring and managament systems is the best option in order to keep the tasks as simple as posible.

A monitoring system that provides the necessary data can be very helpful when trying to increase the security, scalability or improve the resource usage of a Data Center.

In order to have an efficient monitoring system, there are some key points that we must consider.

Anticipating problems before the system is affected by them. This has to be the main goal when managing a Data Center. Reacting before a system failure occurs is crucial when dealing with a Financial Entity Data Center  like ours, minimizing the risk and ensuring the minimum down-time is one of our priorities and by having the right Monitoring tools and gathering the right information can lead us to identify a potential problem and solve it even before it actually hits our system.

Also, to ensure the resielency of our Data Center, we may consider using Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools. These tools list the physical and logical assets of a Data Center and analyze floor locations and rack heat loads in order to predict future behaviors that will help the administrator to know the power consumption, cooling needs and rack space usage of the Data Center and act accordingly to keep the system performing at a optimal level.

Once we know what we want to achieve we can move on and try to get the best systems and equipment to build the monitoring system for our Data Center.

See you in future posts!


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