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Welcome back folks! In this post we will explain the Data Center Management solution that we will use in our case with the tools of our provider, HP.

Basically, HP provides three different tools: HPE OneView, HPE Insight Online, and HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO).

HPE OneView is an automation engine that performs and efficient infrastructure management based on a software-defines intelligence. This tool helps to deploy infrastructure faster by rapidly updating or composing resources using automated templates, which gives a quick response to dynamic environments like bank-institutions (different kind of tasks are performed depending on the time of day). Thanks to its Global Dashboard, all operations are simplified too. It provides a unified, single view of the Data Center management with information of thousand of servers, profiles and more, enhancing the scalability of the overall scenario. Also, the productivity increases thanks to its automate resource provisioning capability. Moreover, configuration and monitoring gets simpler with the OneView unified rest-API, achieving more automation with a responsive service delivery. Here you can learn more about HPE OneView, and we also recommend you to read this white paper which explains why HPE OneView surpasses Cisco UCS Manager.

Management Solution: HPE OneView dashboard screenshot

HPE OneView dashboard screenshot

Another useful tool offered is the HPE Insight Online. It is an automated remote support tool which lets HP to take care of the health of the Data Center in real time. A 24×7 monitoring of the IT infrastructure and environment is performed by HP. When integrated with HPE OneView, automatic alerts and calls are send from the equipment by themselves. All the information and diagnostics about failures are logged and reports are automatically generated for the company. It is said that the use of this tool in coordination with OneView achieves up to 77% reduction in downtime, 55% lower Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) for unplanned downtime, nearly 100% diagnostic accuracy while offering a single consolidated view of the environment. To learn more about HPE Insight Online, click here.

Management Solution - HPE Insight Online: Devices overview

HPE Insight Online: Devices overview

Finally, HP also also offers the HPE iLO, which is a software designed to manage and monitor the Data Center remotely (by the company itself, not HP), so the health of the infrastructure, the network and the servers can be checked and actions can be performed from anywhere. Since we think that in critical businesses like bank institutions there will always be employees monitoring the Data Center status, and furthermore we can use the Insight Online to reckon with HP help, we will not use this tool in our solution, so we won’t explain it in depth (but you can get more information from here).

That’s all for today. As always, thank you so much for following us, and if you liked theses posts please leave a comment and share it! See you soon!

UPDATE: For the security module, the solution provided by Fortinet is the FortiManager. It provides a simplified policy management and device provisioning for large scale Fortinet Enterprise Firewall deployment from one central place using hardware or virtual appliance. Common security baseline is enforced and shared among multiple administrative domains (ADOMs). The tool also gives support of Restful API for automation, which reduces the administrative burden, and a centralised logging provides superior visibility and insights into events, traffic and threats. With the FortiManager, the administrator can review, approve and audit policy changes from a central place, with an automated process to facilitate policy compliance and policy lifecycle management. This tool has the ability to centrally manage up to 10,000 FortiGate security appliances, and in our case, given that all our Data Center solution is based in virtualisation, we have chosen to use the VM version of the FortiManager.

Final Solution: The FortiManager VM

The FortiManager VM


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