QoS Data Center Solution

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Hi everyone!

In this post we are going to talk about the best solution that we believe that is the most adequate, after analyzing all the possibilities that offers Arista Networks.

In the first steps we choose the 7508E, that it was the best solution to solve our necessities. After analyze the QoS aspects and analizing all the characteristics that have all the switches families, we have selected the 7050 Series because it offers us more configuration options than the rest in QoS.

We have been doubting between the 7150S and 7050SX.
The 7150S offers less latency, that it is an important point, instead the 7050SX gives to us a latency of 550ns.

Finally, based on the latency of the switches, we have select the 7150S.

The Arista 7150S is optimized for ultra low latency, cut-through forwarding. It offers the same low latency characteristics at all packet sizes. The latency remains consistent even when features such as L3, ACL, QoS, Multicast, Port Mirroring, LANZ+ and Time-Stamping are enabled. The 7150S also supports cut-through mode at 100Mb and 1GbE speeds at low latency for legacy connections.

In the next link of Arista Networks we can see all the QoS features that have all the switches families, that we have used to select the device family that we will use in our data center design.





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