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Hi everyone! In today’s post we are going to talk about all the things that we have to take into account in relation to physical systems (Facilities), their conditions to be able to operate with their best capacities and other things related that must be reviewed.

The first thing to keep in mind is where the CPD will be placed, the location of the CPD is a crucial decision to minimize the possible risks that could affect the normal behavior of our devices and physical components. So in order to choose the appropriate place to install all our components we must look for the infrastructure of the building, the location of  it and the electricity and telecommunication capabilities.

If there is more than one CPD, we must consider its communications, for example, the servers that could be virtualized via public cloud, or if there is another city that has high communications with our servers, a good option would be to install another CPD in that city if there is a great distance to our current CPD, always following the previous and below recommendations.

For our CPD, and taking into account that, our systems, servers and applications will have large capacities and are critical to our clients, we will use optical wiring placed under the false floor so that the corridors are clearer.

Another consideration on the facilities is related to the electrical systems, to avoid that our systems can be left without power, due to a blackout, we have considered hiring two companies of electrical supply in case a fault, that does not stop the service.

For fire extinguishing systems we will use Inergen gas systems, that are a clean agent that when used to extinguish the fire does not affect the life of the people who are in the place, this does not damage the equipment and does not affect the environment.

To see more information about this systems: http://danielseginformatica.blogspot.com.es/2011/12/medidas-de-extincion-de-incendios-para.html

Finally, we must use a control mean for the access of users to the facilities, we will use for this access control biometric systems or access cards, this with the help of surveillance systems will be used to prevent unwanted access and keep track of people who have previously accessed.

That’s all the considerations about the facilities that we have considered.

See you in future posts!


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