Data Center Energetic Efficiency

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Data Center Energetic Efficiency

Hi everyone, another topic that we must consider is efficiency. Having an efficient system will save us costs and problems because will prevent consume irregularities and excessive usage of power.

The continuous supply of power is a huge deal when it comes to Data Centers, to ensure that our systems are receiving power 24/7 and even when the power grid of the city is affected we need to use a SAI. The SAI will provide a continuous source of power as well as a constant supply which will prevent damages caused by a voltage drop or a power surge.

The SAI will also manage the amount of energy that is being consumed and reduce the supply in case the resources of the Data Center are not being used at its full capacity.

An efficient refrigeration system is also a really valuable part of the Data Center. In order to keep the systems at the optimal temperature we’ll isolate the refrigerated zones and direct all the heat from the servers to the same zones. With this design the area that we have to refrigerate is smaller hence we are saving costs.


We can also be efficient with the illumination of the Data Center, by using LED lights that have a very reduced consume of energy and setting up a system that can detect movement and switches on and off the lights depending on if there’s someone working we can save a lot of costs. LED light is also a cold light which would not affect the temperature of the room and will make no impact on the refrigeration system work.

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