Final Case Resolution Method

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Final Case Resolution Method

Hi everyone, we are getting closer the ending of our case study and to sum up and start to conclude this blog we are going to talk about the process we followed to get to this point were we have designed the topology and picked all of the equipment that we are going to use.

For the design of the Data Center we started listing all the requirements that we had to meet in order to set the guides that we had to follow to get to an appropriate solution and then started from the bottom to the top, being the bottom the physical layer of the Data Center and, the top, the software, applications and services that our Data Center had to manage.

During the whole process we focused on choosing the best design possible using the equipment that our providers (Juniper for Networking and Security and DELL for the Servers) offered and trying to build the most efficient architecture by trying to maximize the flexibility and compatibility between all the nodes of our network.

For example, we tried to build the most efficient and scalable network topology, so we did some research about the most common architectures, its scalability and the pros and cons that we had to consider. Once we had all the information we compared our idea with the solutions that Juniper offered and we find out that the spine and leaf architecture that we wanted to implement was perfectly achieved with some of their products.

This same process was used to decide all the parts that formed our Data Center. We also had to search for compatibility between devices and applications and adjust some products and software decisions in order to have a fully compatible scenario that fulfills all the requirements.

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