Final Solution (Part 2)

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Hi everyone!

This is gonna be the continuation of the part 1 of the final solution of our Data Center.

In the virtualization we have looked for a model of IBM that is compatible with VMWare ESX, in the same  way that we can use a tool to have a better control of the virtual machines that could be alocated en our server.

We have thinked that VMWare offer us options at level of performance that we think that they are very interesting and useful. For example:

  1. DSR (Dynamic Resource Scheduler)
  2. DPM (Distributed Power Managemnt)
  3. DSR (Dynamic Resource Scheduler)
  4. VMotion

Finally for this, we have selected the model of IBM S822LC with four ports of 10GB. In this way we will have the bandwidth necessary to support all the traffic of all de users and servers that can be generated.


We have decided that we are gonna have 3 VLAN, of which 1 is gonna be for management, for all the devices that form the network, and this type of traffic only is gonna move inside of the data center. ç

The VLAN VXLAN that is where the traffic of all the applications that we have in the Data Center, in this way, this vlan will be in all the other data centers to use the functionality VXLAN.

And finally, the VLAN for storage, that will be the vlan of the traffic of data.

Why have we decided an enrackable devices? 

The reason is that the advantage to use this is that will be more modular and allow us to ad to modify the components with a huge facility.

The next, is the QoS, we have selected the model 7280SE with 10/40/100GBE ports with a deep buffer of 9GB and dynamic, selected especially when the users access to the storage system and a latency lower that 4u seconds.


In the Storage, once we have selected the switch to the leaf layer, we have thought that the best option for the network is the IBM Storage Networking SAN512B-6. 

We have selected the SAN Network, is an arquitecture where the access to the block discs of the servers conected between them by dedicated links. Also we have decided to use iSCSI how protocol of communication between servers and disks.

SAN is a network specialized that permit a fast access and reliable between servers and the storage resources, external or independents.

We have selected iSCSI, becusase has gained a lot importance and atention in the data centers, to reduce costs for robust storage. iSCSI mount the IP transport / Ethernet,  which alleviates the complexity of an independent traditional Fiber Channel SAN.

Arista tells us that it is an ideal solution for many small and medium-sized organizations.

For last, the efficiency systems, we have thought in the SAI, that permits to us to administrate energy stored in batteries and will administrate in case of the principal power supply has failed.


In the location of the Data center, if is in a cold place, we could use the free cooling technique, that is responsible of to take advantatge of external low temperatures and use this cold to cool the data center. We have to have in mind that this air has to be filtered, to eliminate de little particles that can damage the devices.


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