Mr. Isidro Navarro Delgado’s Thesis Lecture

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Nuevas tecnologías de visualización para la mejora de la representación arquitectónica en educación

Author: Delgado Navarro, Isidro
Director: PhD. Fonseca Escudero, David
Codirector: PhD. Regot Marimon, Joaquim M.
Date:  6th of April of 2017
Place: Hall of Degrees,
Tribunal: Ph.D. María Luisa Sein-Echaluce Lacleta, Ph.D. Ernest Redondo Domínguez and Ph.D. Jaume Duran Castells
Abstract: The memory of this thesis deals with methodological proposals for the use of new technologies of augmented reality for the competence improvement of University students of architecture and technical architecture in the graphic and spatial expression of projects. The thesis has been carried out through case studies carried out in the last eight years with the students of the subjects of techniques of representation I and II of the previously mentioned degree representation systems. The resulting projects have been studied from various points of view as for example interaction, usability, accessibility, motivation and satisfaction that working with these proposals has generated in the students. Technological innovations have changed the working methods in the teaching field and have allowed to observe the easy adaptation of the students and their attraction to these innovations, which has finally led to a improve curriculum.
The papers presented in the thesis by compendium show results and work processes in the implementation of the methodological proposals.
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