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Design Visualization for Architects

Architects, designers, engineers and visualization specialists use  Design software to tell emotionally engaging stories of their designs in order to help win competitive bids. In addition, design visualization with helps them make more informed decisions visually throughout the building information modeling (BIM) process. Whether exploring complex organic forms, studying how light interacts with a design, or evaluating designs for planning and public outreach, visualization plays a role at nearly every stage of development, from schematics to final presentation.

Explore, Validate, and Communicate Design concepts

At the heart of  design visualization solutions is 3ds Max Design software, a comprehensive 3D modeling and visualization application derived from the same technology used to help create Hollywood movies and award-winning game titles. 3ds Max Design can help bring your design to life by importing data from many sources to better establish the context of the design, enabling you to create more compelling visuals to tell your story. 3ds Max Design delivers extensive data interoperability with widely-used Autodesk design software: the AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Revit®, so that you can spend more time creating and less time tracking down data.

3ds Max Design 2011 delivers simplified interoperability with the Revit 2011 and AutoCAD 2011 software product families, helping to facilitate nondestructive visualization workflows. 3ds Max Design allows you to better visualize your project in context—which is crucial to making informed design decisions. Using the software’s Exposure™ technology for helping simulate and analyze sun, sky, and artificial lighting, you can even more accurately visualize how light will interact with your building.

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