King Faisal Hospital deploys Mediktor’s Artificial Intelligence

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mediktor The King Faisal Hospital in Rwanda implemented Mediktor’s platform since Friday, January 19. Now nursing and administrative staff of the hospital´s emergency department are being trained to use the health checker and triage tool that will guide them to improve the assistance quality while assessing the level of urgency and potential diseases. The expectation is to check 1500 patients on the emergency service per month.
Mediktor’s platform, with a success rate of more than 91% in pre-diagnose, combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition technologies and patient data to detect symptoms and offers a listing of possible affections and recommendations.
Mediktor is a start up based in La Salle Technova since march, 2014. Their goal is to drastically decrease the entry barriers to healthcare around the world. The platform learns from every interaction, developing an advanced intuition after 1.5 million symptom evaluations in 204 countries, equivalent number to those of 6 medical professionals over 40 years of experience.

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