21 January 2020

The BMP Accelerator by La Salle Technova and Consorci de la Zona Franca promotes innovation in the real estate sector


Following the second eDelivery Accelerator Programme which officially drew to a close last week, La Salle Technova and the Consorci de la Zona Franca are taking on a new challenge as of this week: to support and encourage the development of six new start-ups in the real estate market. To do so, they have launched the second edition of the BMP Accelerator, an acceleration programme for start-up companies in the real estate market. Six start-ups are taking part in the initiative, all related to the real estate sector. The lucky six were chosen as part of the Barcelona Meeting Point for their innovative nature and their disruptive potential.

The opening of the BMP Accelerator Programme has coincided with the closing event of the eDelivery programme in both venue —Consorci de la Zona Franca— and also in their shared objectives: to identify, develop and create new market opportunitiesJosep Miquel Piqué, Director of Internationalisation and Innovation at La Salle-URL, spoke about the foundation of the programme during the opening: “In this time of digital transformation, the BMP accelerator is a key support programme for start-ups and, moreover, a source of permanent innovation for larger corporations that need to interpret the new opportunities and threats facing the sector”.

Pere Navarro, special state delegate to the Consorci de la Zona Franca, spoke of the Consortium and La Salle Technova’s deep commitment to start-up companies: “We feel compelled to help the new, younger generations so that they can develop their talent here, and live and work in the Barcelona metropolitan area. For this reason, we work together with La Salle Technova to accelerate innovative start-up projects in the real estate and logistics sector”.

The accelerator, an opportunity for business growth

The BMP Accelerator Programme was born to support the growth of disruptive start-ups in the real estate sector, helping them to identify, develop and create new market opportunities. It also aims to be the perfect framework to bring already consolidated companies closer to new proposals that can help them in their digital transformation. This is one of the pillars of the program: the confluence of emerging companies participating in the accelerator and top-level companies. Another key facet is the digital component, which runs through the whole programme in all the sessions held.

Over the course of the coming months, start-ups will learn how to access financing of all kinds (investment readiness), how to accelerate their sales by relying on marketing techniques (agile sales) and how to consolidate high-performance teams, among other key skills. The success of the first edition of the BMP Accelerator Programme was clear proof of the initiative’s value. Eleven start-ups from the proptech sector —technological innovation applied to the world of real estate— graduated the programme with a turnover of €2,080,000, raising investment worth €1,431,000 and employing some 80 people. Some of the corporates that collaborated in the program included, among others, Neinor, JLL, CBRE, Anticipate, Colonial, Utopicus, PACE and the Consorci itself.

The six start-ups taking part in this edition

In the first edition of the BMP Accelerator Program, the following start-ups participated: 1001 portales, Alfred Smart Systems, BrichblockDatare, Mayordomo, Nested, PropCrowd, Realo, Urbitdata, Viewtek and Zillios. Joining these eleven start-ups that accelerated last year are six new start-ups: Kiwi Brics, a B2B platform that can reduce real estate agency costs between 15 and 40%; Vivendea, which aims to reduce uncertainty between developers and buyers; Daysk, which offers smart management tools to automate payments and bookings; Bim&Co, a collaborative initiative to create and publish BIM objects; Nemuru, which offers non-guaranteed consumer loans for rentals; and Deepki, a solution that digitises management of large real estate portfolios.