16 July 2021

Congratulations graduates!

La Salle-URL celebrates the graduations of degrees and master's degrees for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 classes

After a time of effort, sacrifice and a lot of work well done, the students of the last two classes of all degrees and of many of the La Salle-URL masters have celebrated their graduations. Despite the complex situation and changing circumstances, the celebration of the Graduation Ceremonies was a success, respecting the security measures and following the protocols established by the authorities for academic events.

The students, now graduates, were the main protagonists of the ceremonies and, despite the mandatory capacity limitation, they were accompanied by some of their relatives, by the teaching staff and by institutional representatives. In addition, streaming registration was enabled so that all students who could not be present and all relatives and acquaintances, as well as all members of the La Salle-URL community, could follow the events live. The ceremonies could also be followed from the Campus Auditorium. More than 1,100 people attended the four Graduation Ceremonies in streaming and live, around 1,700 people.

The graduates of Architecture, Engineering and Animation, protagonists on July 14

The first two Graduation Ceremonies, those held on July 14, paid tribute first to the graduates of the Degrees and Master's degrees in Architecture, which La Salle-URL teaches at its School of Architecture (ETSALS), and later to graduates of all Engineering degrees, the degree in Animation & VFX and the Master's degrees in Engineering, which are taught at School of Engineering (ETSELS).

In the first one, some 400 people were present in person and in streaming. Robert Terradas, former director of ETSALS and prestigious architect, was the godfather of the promotion. Terradas spoke of the importance of "having architectural culture" and paraphrased Picasso to encourage students to get caught by the muses at work. During the event, many of the students spoke about their passage through the La Salle-URL classrooms and about the work and the accompaniment of the teachers, who were also protagonists.

In the second act, which had close to 1,000 attendees, Pol Jeremias, graduated in Multimedia Engineering at La Salle-URL and Lead Graphics Engineer at Pixar Animation Studios, was the godfather and encouraged the graduates to work hard to fulfill their dreams. During the ceremony, students and teachers shared reflections on Engineering and Animation & VFX studies. In the final parliament, the general director of La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​Josep M. Santos, reminded the graduates of their permanent link with the institution and its importance as an essential link in the chain and the history of La Salle-URL.

Business graduates, protagonists on July 15

In the two Graduation Ceremonies on Thursday, July 15, the honorees were the students of degrees and masters in the Business area, taught by the International Faculty of Commerce and Digital Economy (FICEDLS). In the first ceremony, which was attended by about 500 people in person, graduated the students of the Business degrees and the master's degrees in MBA, eCommerce, SAP and Digital Marketing. The event was attended by the rector of the URL, Josep M. Garrell, who congratulated the students for their effort in these difficult times and for becoming part of the family of graduates of the Ramon Llull University. The gofather of the promotion was Federico Lozano, graduated in Business from La Salle-URL and founder and CEO of Pracacademy.

The second Graduation Ceremony was attended by 400 people and about 200 streaming attendees. The protagonists of this last ceremony were the students of the masters of eHealth, Supply Chain, Agile Methods and Project Management, who remembered their time on campus, the work shared with their colleagues and professors and all the lessons that they take from their I go through La Salle-URL. The godafther of the promotion was Carlos Bucero, president of the Madrid Chapter of PMI and one of the most recognized consultants in project management. The general director of La Salle Campus Barcelona, ​​Josep M. Santos, was also in charge of closing this last act.

Congratulations to all the new La Salle-URL graduates!

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