09 March 2020

Five new start-ups created at 3DS Barcelona 2020

La Salle-URL and 3DS Spain have held the seventh edition of the 3 Day Start-up Barcelona (3DS Barcelona 2020), an event to promote entrepreneurship among young university students that this year has helped five new INSURTECH and FINTECH start-ups. In total, 55 students took part in 3DS Barcelona 2020, and in less than 72 hours, they created their start-up project.

The event has helped foster the entrepreneurial spirit of participants thanks to the expert advice and collaboration of more than 30 mentors specialising in various fields. After splitting into various working groups, the students presented their idea for a start-up at the La Salle-URL Campus, and went on to develop the first prototypes, studied business models, made contact with real market representatives and, finally, made a presentation for investors and business angels who examined and validated the proposals.

This year’s 3 Day Start-up saw five start-up projects developed:

  • Securhome

Created to make it easier for insurance companies to manage home insurance claims, reducing costs and increasing end-user satisfaction in an easy, fast and reliable way, thanks to a digital processing platform.

  • Finperk

A solution that opens up the financial sector to companies and their workers by offering tax benefits for employees and companies, democratising access to understandable information and providing customised services for employees.

  • Wallbi

Wallbi improves the experience at the moment of payment in restaurants by reducing the waiting time for customers. Restaurants value the increased table rotation and improvement in service, and the customers, appreciate the ease offered in the check-out method.

  • HealthBanK

A lifestyle application that analyses, looks after and trains physical and financial health. 

  • Win Time

A marketplace that links young professionals and companies through innovation challenges.

3 Day Start-up is a training initiative that pursues real learningthrough learning by doing, andfosters the values of entrepreneurship: confidence, sacrifice and self-sufficiency. Since the first edition was held by the University of Texas, the event has travelled to dozens of countries around the world, with over half a thousand editions worldwide. More than 100 start-ups have emerged from these events, many of which continue to operate outside of 3DS, raising large investments of money and joining acceleration programmes and incubators for emerging companies. In addition, 3DS has trained more than 15,000 students, promoting investment worth $180 million and involving nearly 200 universities worldwide.

This year the initiative was supported by the CaixaBank Group as part of its strategy to support entrepreneurs and the university environment. CaixaBank Group encourages and promotes co-creation and collaboration initiatives to foster shared innovation, help promote the generation of new products and services, attract talent and improve the consumer experience.

Acció and Meetmaps also sponsored the event, whose official partners also included Comunicae, Goin and eCooltra. In addition, Estrella Damm, Biodelícies, Native Organics and Too Good To Go provided the food and drinks over the course of the three-day event.


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