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04 November 2022 | Posted by alvaro.sicilia

Fostering University-Business Collaboration in BIM: A Workshop on Energy Simulation Hosted by the Energy Efficiency Cluster of Catalonia and La Salle Campus Barcelona

Alvaro Sicilia and Gonçal Costa Jutglar joined a workshop on the application of BIM for energy simulation, hosted by the Energy Efficiency Cluster of Catalonia and La Salle Campus Barcelona. Alongside students from La Salle's Architecture, Engineering, and Business programs, they assisted companies in recognizing their current BIM challenges.

During the session, representatives from companies such as ARCbcn, consulting engineers, PGI Engineering & Consulting, Huurre Iberica, and SIMON shared their BIM challenges with the Architecture Representation and Computing Group. The workshop aimed to promote collaboration between the university and industry by providing a platform for discussion and reflection, allowing for the sharing of industry insights and alignment of university research with real-world needs.


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