13 December 2019

La Salle Technova hosts a meet-up with start-ups from the eDelivery Programme and top-level companies


The eDelivery Accelerator Programme, promoted by La Salle Technova Barcelona and the Zona Franca Consortium, held a meeting this week bringing together some of the start-ups participating in the initiative and leading companies in the sector, such as Desigual, Amazon Web Services, Freshperts and Trison. These meetings are part of the acceleration programme for emerging companies in the logistics sector, which in September inaugurated its second edition. The programme included four separate sessions on two days, Tuesday 10 December and Wednesday 11 December, in which those responsible for the start-ups were able to share reflections and exchange innovative ideas with representatives from these four companies.

Josep Miquel Piqué, Director of Internationalisation and Innovation at La Salle-URL, welcomed the good results being garnered from the eDelivery Accelerator Programme: “With the work being done by La Salle-URL and the Barcelona Zona Franca Consortium, we can see that the start-ups taking part in the programme evolve into ScaleUps in just six months”. Pere Navarro, Special State Delegate of Zona Franca, highlighted the importance of supporting young entrepreneurs. “We will continue to work on collaboration models with companies and universities that can be technological partners, and we will continue to help accelerate start-ups in the fields of both logistics and real estate”, explained Mr Navarro, in reference to the Consortium's association with La Salle-URL through Technova.

Eight international start-ups in the programme

The eDelivery Barcelona fair last June served as the starting point for the second edition of the eDelivery Accelerator Programme. It was then that the eight start-ups taking part in the programme were chosen: FlexSim, CargoBici, Pay Mark Fast, Vonzu, Internet of Things, StockAgile,  Way Director and Mayordomo. They all apply technology to traditional processes in the logistics and final-mile sectors. The start-ups from the first edition of the eDelivery Accelerator Programme were also invited to the meeting with Desigual, represented by Javier Fernández, Technology Innovation Leader. The goal was to offer a forum to exchange experiences and solutions to common problems. The support of the Zona Franca Consortium and La Salle Technova in promoting innovation and technology is not limited to the logistics sector alone. The two institutions are organising another acceleration programme focused on the real estate sector.