28 November 2019


Today, La Salle-URL joined together with the rest of the global La Salle network to mark the end of the Jubilee Year of St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle, which the global community has commemorated over the last year with lots of activities all around the world.

Those attending the event, which included members of the entire educational community (teachers, administration and service staff, students, etc.), were able to listen to the words of Josep M. Ribes, Director of Academic Planning at La Salle-URL, Brother Martí Roca, Commissioner for Identity and Mission at La Salle-URL, and Josep M. Santos, Director of La Salle-URL, who all agreed that the year of the Tricentenary had been a year to manifest how the founding values of Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle were still present in the university centre, and, even though it is very different from those schools founded by La Salle more than 300 years ago, they saw many similar aspects such as innovation, human values and the role of knowledge and education in changing people and the world to make this a better place.

Attendants also got to hear from student representatives, who explained the impact and value of being part of a community with such extensive ties that cross both time and distance, and with firm foundations in La Salle’s values.

With these messages, we have brought to a close the Tricentennial Year in a symbolic way, while unveiling the banners that are to replace those put up at the beginning of the Jubilee Year, with a message of progress: “301 starts here!”