27 April 2021

La Salle-URL ICT engineering programs, the studies with the best scores by university graduates

The results of the AQU survey also highlight the Architecture studies at the La Salle School of Architecture (ETSALS) and the degree in Management of Business and Technology

Undergraduate studies at La Salle Campus Barcelona appear among the most prominent in various parameters of the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari (AQU) survey, carried out at the beginning of 2020, which collects the impressions of Catalan university graduates who finished their studies in 2016. The degrees in Telecommunication Systems Engineering and Computer Engineering obtain the highest score in the section of best practical training in private universities; and Architecture studies lead the classification with the highest rate of labor insertion.

The results prove the academic excellence of the La Salle Campus Barcelona programs and the high degree of student satisfaction. Among all the degrees, the results of two of the ICT engineering programs stand out: the degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering and the degree in Electronic Engineering. La Salle-URL's ICT engineering studies are the best rated of all Catalan universities in this area, both in practical and theoretical training. They also appear in the top five with the highest monthly salary for graduates among private universities. These great results coincide with the celebration, this year, of the 30th anniversary of Computer Engineering studies at La Salle-URL.

ETSALS Architecture studies, insurance to find a job 

The survey places the Architecture studies at the La Salle School of Architecture (ETSALS) as those with the highest occupancy rate among all the degrees taught by private universities in Catalonia. They are also the fourth among those with the fastest occupation for graduates. In this same register appears, again, the degree in Computer Engineering. In fact, La Salle-URL's ICT engineering firms achieve 95% job placement with 0% unemployment (only 5% of those surveyed state they are inactive).

The degree in Management of Business and Technology, also among the best evaluated

Finally, the degree in Management of Business and Technology is one of those that presents the best performance in the first year in private universities. Like all La Salle-URL programs, the degrees in the management area stand out for the constant accompaniment of the students by the tutors and for the use of active methodologies that place the student at the center of the learning process, promote work among colleagues and promote a critical spirit. In addition, they include transversal projects with other areas of the campus and a humanistic and international vision of the profession.