12 March 2021

La Salle-URL proposes the promotion of training plans in Next Generation projects to modernize the productive network

Fourteen of the main Spanish business schools put at the service of the public administration, betting on improving employment

La Salle Campus Barcelona and thirteen more Spanish business schools, leaders in the sector, have come together to sign a document in which the public administration is asked to promote training plans in the so-called Next Generation projects, which must be approved by the Government of Spain. The will is to contribute to the modernization of the state productive fabric and improve the quality and sustainability of employment throughout the world.

From this group of business schools it is considered that training is the lever to transform the present and to build a better future, hence the joint statement. In addition, the administration is urged to take into account training plans that allow Spanish entrepreneurs and managers to convert exhausted business models into sustainable companies with growth potential.

The signatory schools have the support of the Spanish Association of Business Management Schools (AEEDE), and explain that they are at the forefront in the training sector worldwide, as shown by international rankings and the fact that Spain is one of the the main destinations for the training of managers both in Europe and in other countries of the world. In addition to La Salle-URL, the signers of the manifesto are IESE Business School, IE Business School, ESADE, EADA Business School, ESIC Business & Marketing, EDEM, ISDI, San Telmo Business School, IEB, UPF Barcelona School of Management, DEUSTO Business School, EAE Business School and ICADE Business School.

Points of the joint declaration of the Spanish business schools:

  1. Spanish business schools are at the forefront of training and research worldwide, as demonstrated by numerous international rankings. Thanks to this, Spain is one of the main destinations for training managers both in Europe and in other parts of the world. This is an important source of talent, since many graduates settle here after their studies, as well as an important instrument in the image that these international profiles have of Spain.
  2. For many years, from the business schools we have contributed in a very notable way to improving the level of decision-making of managers in Spanish companies, as well as the creation of networks with hundreds of thousands of former students who have contributed decisively to the international expansion and the drive for innovation and sustainability.
  3. High-quality training for the management of Spanish companies will be a key factor in meeting the ambitious challenges set by the resilience and recovery plan for European funds. The change in the productive and economic model will not be achieved by investing in equipment and infrastructures in isolation, but accompanied by the ability of our managers and entrepreneurs to rebuild exhausted business models in sustainable companies with growth potential.
  4. We believe it is essential that strategic projects and large investments by the country must be accompanied by training plans at the level of the relevant decision-maker to ensure a vision of innovation and excellence in their execution.
  5. Business schools have been pioneers in transforming their methodologies to the new digital context. Its potential to facilitate access to knowledge throughout the country is a great asset to contribute to social and territorial cohesion and expand the distribution of wealth and economic growth.
  6. Finally, we put all our academic and training potential at the service of public administrations to contribute in the way deemed convenient to make the entire Next Generation fund project a true success that contributes to the modernization of our productive fabric and the improvement in the quality and sustainability of employment in our country.