17 December 2019

La Salle-URL's GRETEL research group takes part in the CCCB "Gameplay" exhibition


The Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) started its 2020 programme early with "Gameplay", an exhibition that opened on Wednesday 18 December and which will be open to the public until next May. The exhibition, which will take a look at the history of the now-booming video games industry, will include the participation of La Salle-URL through the Research Group on Technology Enhanced Learning (GRETEL), one of the research members of the Game4City project. "The CCCB exhibition will be hosting research projects from universities, and we’ve been invited thanks to the great results of the Game4City project", explains David Fonseca, coordinator of GRETEL and lecturer with the Department of Architecture at La Salle-URL.

As part of the "Gameplay" exhibition, those responsible for Game4City, including GRETEL team members from La Salle-URL and the Architecture and Engineering Departments, as well as the Department of Architecture at UPC, have designed a space where visitors can interact. "This exhibition space will have a series of preconceived pieces with images of projects and activities representative of the La Salle-URL School of Architecture, projects by UPC as well as images on loan from the Catalan College of Architects", says David Fonseca. A QR code that has been incorporated into the space will allow visitors to evaluate preset aspects of the system and fill in some of the data being extracted by the Game4City project.

La Salle-URL’s involvement in the new exhibition at the CCCB does not stop there. Throughout February 2020, second-year architecture students will visit the exhibition and hold a workshop, discovering the interactive environment there and then, back in class, proposing projects that combine BIM and virtual reality. In order to generate synergies on campus, future architects will work hand in hand with students from our Degree in Multimedia Engineering. The proposals from this collaboration will be incorporated into the interactive system set up at the CCCB towards the end of the exhibition. "This activity is part of the connection between education and research that first came about two years ago in the Computer Tools II module," says David Fonseca.

Video game culture at "Gameplay"

Curated by Jérôme Nguyen and Óliver Pérez Latorre, "Gameplay" is the CCCB's star attraction for the 2020 opening season. The exhibition, which opened on 18 December from 7 p.m. and will remain open until 3 May 2020, explores the origins of video games and looks at the impact they have had on popular culture. According to the CCCB, "the exhibition is designed as a space for play and reflection where we can play and (re)discover video game culture". "Gameplay" includes about thirty game points, one of which offers the Game4City game set up by the project members. Visitors will be able to enjoy all kinds of video games, from classic arcade machines to more modern, groundbreaking ideas.

Game4City: investigating gamification in the field of urban design

The Game4City project investigates gamification in the teaching of urban design and integrates public participation 3.0. Coordinated by UPC and the La Salle-URL GRETEL group, Game4City aims to demonstrate that virtual gamification strategies in the field of urban design can help improve public participation as it offers a more dynamic, agile collaborative environment thanks to augmented and immersive visual technologies. The aim of the initiative is to explore virtual reality strategies in collaborative urban design teaching environments, with an eye to improving teaching in the field, making it more agile.

mejorarlo y agilizarlo.

An example of interactive creation developed at the exposition