08 April 2020

LibreGuard, the protective mask against COVID-19 with crowdfunding

One of the problems that are occurring as a consequence of the current health situation due to COVID-19 pandemic is the lack of suitable sanitary material for health professionals. LibreGuard was created as a collaborative production initiative for protection screens for healthcare workers, a protection visor that reinforces homologated PPE systems.

It is a design that allows a fast production in large quantities, using only a laser cutter, generating a minimum amount of waste and with a cost per unit of 25-euro cents. The structure, designed to protect the user's nose, mouth and eyes, is adjustable and lightweight, and easy to assemble. It is reusable, since it is made of plastic easy to sterilize and the protective screen can be easily discarded and replaced if necessary.

The design is Open Source, the visors are being distributed free of charge to more than a hundred health institutions and are currently manufactured by a network of voluntary manufacturers. It is a self-managed, non-profit network in which professionals from all kinds of fields, factories, workshops, companies and universities around Catalonia get coordinated.

This charitable and collaborative initiative has a crowdfunding that seeks to continue with this generous and altruistic task. You can collaborate by following this link at goteo.org.

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