07 February 2020

Students from the Degree in Digital Arts participate in the Llum BCN Festival 2020

As part of the activities we promote outside the classroom, students of the Degree in Digital Arts took part in a new edition of the Urban Festival Llum Barcelona 2020 held in the Poblenou district on the 14, 15 and 16 February. The project saw students collaborating as volunteers in an immersive audiovisual installation, The Day We Left Fields, produced by the Russian studio TUNDRA. 

For Ana, Ton, Marta and Eric, first-year students of the Degree in Digital Arts, the project has allowed them to experience first hand the assembly and creation of a multimedia installation, as well as all the challenges that this entails. 

Inspired by the natural surroundings and its place in the modern city landscape, blades of grass are the main star of The Day We Left Fields. Just like in a surrealist painting, these natural threads are hung from the ceiling and move rhythmically in a cocoon of sound and visual effects that form a floating meadow. The result was a wonderful sensory experience in which visitors found themselves immersed in the mysterious space of a dream, feeling vulnerable and at the same time aware of the open symbolism of nature living within a closed urban landscape. 

Image source: TUNDRA

This experience exploited the force of digitised nature to reflect on the delicate balance between the human and the inhuman, and was held in Room B of the HUB on 14, 15 and 16 February. 

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