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We would like to introduce in more detail the areas of research of the Innova Institute, as presented in the presentation post, our work is organized in three main research lines:

  • Innovation and its life cycle
  • IT Management
  • Entrepreneurship
We will be sharing with you the scope and content that we have given to each of the lines, as well as some of our current research projects in each of the areas.

These research presentation posts aim to share our current work interests to identify possible cooperation opportunities and set the bases for further knowledge dissemination.

Innovation and its life cycle:


This research line includes all issues related to how innovation happens in organizations and the life cycle it follows. With this perspective, this area covers from the creativity to the transformation process of the innovative idea in the product or service. It is also of interest the the different shapes that innovation takes in organizations, taking into account the role of functional areas and the definition of its implementation strategy.

The study of innovation can be approach from different paradigms, among others, the creative destruction from Shumpeter, the disruptive innovation of Christensen, and more recently, the Open Innovation from Chesbrough. The Innova Institute fosters research to make it easier for companies to use these open innovation frameworks to take advantage of its innovation initiatives.

Research projects:

  • How cultural factors influence the creative output of firms, based on the outputs from a case study.
  • How a quality centered manufacturing businesses adopts new innovation methodologies to stay competitive.
  • Description of Open Innovation models, analyzing different Open Innovation case studies to identify the factors and characteristics that explain the current phenomena.

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