Social CRM future scenarios for the Tourism Industry

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The Innova Institute research project on Social Media and CRM strategy had as third focus of attention the Tourism Industry. After analyzing the impact of Social Media in current and future CRM practices in the Public Administration and the Media Industry, this blog entry is dedicated to describe possible future scenarios for Social CRM in the Toursim Industry.

Following the key dimensions identified to describe future scenarios: (1) level of personal digitalization and (2) level of value chain transformation (transformative impact of the Social Media), the following were identified as possible scenarios for the Tourism Industry:

(a): “Social CRM progression”, envisions an advanced state of personal digitalization not followed by further transformations in the value chain. In this context, the richness of the data captured by organizations is used to further refine existing analysis and advance in market segmentation strategies. Nevertheless, this scenario foresees a slow Social CRM adoption, established players benefit the most from customers advanced digitalization.

(b): “User integration in the tourism experience” suggests an advanced personal digitalization combined with a transformation of the value chain. The scenario suggests that “conversations” between clients and organizations are at the center of the new wave of innovations in the industry. Companies refine their long tail segmentation capability and develop new CRM strategies, this results in a widespread adoption of Social CRM tools.

(c): “Digital separation in the market”, describes a situation where a low level of personal digitalization (in general) and a low transformation of the value chain results in an uneven adoption of Social Media. Consequently, organizations mantain traditional CRM channels in parallel with the new Social CRM mechanisms. The multichannel capability requirements of the CRM strategy limits the complete Social CRM adoption to niche players, describing in general, a dual CRM adoption strategy.

In your opinion, is it likely that Social Media produces another transformation in the Tourism Industry value chain structure? Do you see organizations benefiting of Social CRM strategies in the Industry?

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