Innova Institute to Present Research Agenda on Crisis Management in “Hasekura 2.0: Technology in the Service of Society” at Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

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La Salle Innova Institute will be participating in “Hasekura 2.0: Technology in the Service of Society” organized by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce on 21 November 2013 to present the Institute’s research agenda on innovative approaches to crisis management through the use of social media.

Prof. Dr. Francesc Miralles, lead and director of Innova Institute, is leading a team of PhD Candidates who are undertaking research on crisis management. Acknowledging that the years that have passed are fast accruing costs due to global disaster damages, the Institute has undertaken a research initiative to investigate new modes and competencies for coordination and collaboration of organizational and individual stakeholders in crisis situations through social network devices.  Two research streams are simultaneously being developed to tackle the research agenda:

  1. Characteristics of Inter-organizational Coordination in the Context of Crisis Response Networks. This research aims to examine coordination patterns among organizations involved in crisis and response network, with specific emphasis on how organizations manage common resources in a crisis dynamic environment.
  2. Complementary Capabilities of Social Media Use in Crisis Management towards Effective Stakeholder Coordination. Angled on the emergent wide scale use of social media in crisis management, this research seeks to understand the capabilities that complement social media as a resource that are essential to address the problematic areas of coordination among organizations during crisis situations. It specifically looks at how responsive coordination is to the existence of certain capabilities, as well as how such capabilities evolve simultaneous to the life-cycle of a crisis.

Innova Institute’s research agenda on crisis management is part of a wider initiative from the Networks, Information, Technology, and Innovation Management (NITIM) Graduate School Network, which is funded by the Marie Curie Program under the European Commission.

Hasekura 2.0: Technology in the Service of Society” is an event organized by Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Japanese Government. Its primary objective is to provide a venue for private and public sector to exchange ideas and experiences, and ultimately collaborate on innovative efforts to address societal challenges. More details on the event are found through this link.

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