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La Salle is involved into the NIRVANA project. NIR-VANA is an EU project with the objective to develop online services that will help small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to innovate together with external partners, often referred to as open or collaborative innovation.

Framed within this project, several training and dissemination events have been proposed, and the first edition was held in Venice on the 23rd and 24th of February, entitled Open Innovation Management Training.

The training was mainly focused on the premise that ideas and technologies which generate new products and processes emerge from the collaboration with different actors along the value chain. The ability to work together with other companies, clients, suppliers, distributors, retailers, users and researchers following the approach of collaborative and open innovation, is a key enabling factor for a well-established innovation management system.

Dr. Carla Riverola, researcher at La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull provided a training entitled “Open Innovation and collaborative innovation strategies for innovation advisors” that was followed by a discussion about different collaboration models and workflows within the innovation value chains between Prof. Dr. Francesc Miralles and Marco Gorini.

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