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Professor Francesc Miralles, Academic Dean and Head of the GREITM (Grupo de investigación en gestión de la emprendeduría e innovación) research group represented La Salle -URL at “III Jornada Internacional de Innovación” in Castellón, Spain.

Prof. Miralles’ talk focused on the new capabilities that SME’s have to develop to face the challenge of innovation. Using some examples like Azula ( and eKutir (, Prof. Miralles introduced how SME can become more competitive by innovating in their business models.

Prof Miralles III jornada inte inno

The core idea of his talk was that some of the capabilities that SMEs need to innovate are not easy to acquire and develop. Specifically, as part of their organizational culture, some SME are not ready to change their cultural settings and find restrictions to competitiveness.

To solve these limitations, Prof. Miralles suggested to adhere to an open innovation perspective. In this vein, SMEs must find partners among their customers and suppliers to be able to develop new capabilities. Also, SMEs must become an agent of their close innovation ecosystem and interact with innovation agencies like AVI (Agència Valenciana de la Innovació, or ACC1Ó (


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You can find the press notes here and here

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