About Innova Institute

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The Innova Institute works with international academic and business community to study, generate and disseminate knowledge centered in the following research lines:

– Innovation and its life cycle: from creativity to product or service delivery to the market, and how does this relates to firms’ internal and external network.
– IT Management: how do firms benefit from IT and what is the impact it has on its performance and competitiveness, how new technologies are adopted and diffused.
– Entrepreneurship: how do entrepreneurs identify opportunities, how they organize themselves to transform the opportunity into a sustainable business.

You can contact us on:

BES La Salle
Innova Institute
C/ Lluçanès, 41
08022 Barcelona

Telephone: (+34) 932 902 404
Fax: (+34) 932 902 416
e-mail: innovainstitute@salle.url.edu


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