New PhD thesis on Emotional Evaluation of Imagery

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Last September 16th, a new PhD Thesis was presented in the context of the La Salle’s Media Technology research group. The author of this thesis is David Fonseca and the thesis has been advised by professor Dr. Oscar Garcia.

TITLE: User’s Emotional Evaluation of the Architectural Imagery Experience according to the Visualized Environment


Throughout history, imagery visualization has extended practically to all fields: painting, photography, medicine or education, are some of the examples that illustrate the importance of imagery in different societies.Previous studies have demonstrated that imagery visualization has implications in the user’s psychological and emotional ambit. Mostly, these studies have focused their efforts in how and to what extent imagery is capable of influencing emotions. In our work, we pretend to go one step further. An image by itself lacks importance without the user who sees, interprets and associates a meaning.

When viewing, we are dependent on factors that influence the emotional creation: the environment in which the image is visualized, the typology, the user, the surroundings where this process occurs, etc. and should have been taken into account at the beginning of the process: the moment when designing the image.

In the empirical way, the data we have obtained, demonstrate how the user, imagery and environment influence the process of generating an emotion. The differences obtained must serve as premises in the designing of the contents so that we are capable of personalizing every element of the study (user, imagery and environment) in order to maximize the empathy of the visual information, in our case, architectural imagery.

KEYWORDS: Photography, Media and Technology, Usability, User Experience, Architecture.

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