MediaLab helps to create potato-head motion

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Last November 23rd in the MediaLab La Salle of CTMedia a new 3D animation series was presented. The series entitled “Benvinguts a Patatamón!” (Welcome to the potato-world!) is a co-production between Yanquipay and  the Catalan TV.  For the production of this TV series,  Medialab La Salle has produced the complete Mocap (Motion Capture) of the characters. It is the first time that a Catalan production uses 3D mocap for the creation of a complete series of 13 episodes.

Medialab La Salle is a unique infrastructure that consist of a 24 cameras of the award winning Vicon system that provides high quality motion capture that can be used for computer animation, videogames or biomechanics applications, among others.  You may have a look to this video to learn about the process.

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