Calçots, a typical catalan dish!

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Hello there!

 How did the weekend go? Sure you enjoyed it!

The weather was beautiful, and inviting to just to be outside enjoying the sun!

In Catalonia this time of the year is Calçot season. And you’ll say: what are calçots?

 They are a type of spring onion that is cooked on the fire. You peel the burnt skin off, and dip the calçots in a delicious sauce called romesco, made out of red pepper, tomato and nuts. It sounds odd, but it’s yummy!

After the calçots you usually eat some meat: lamb chops and botifarra, with beans and potatoes.

 Eating calçots is a typical Catalan experience, and maybe one worth trying out while you are here. There are many places in and outside Barcelona that prepare calçots and organize calçotades for groups. It’s fun, and you are even made to wear a bib so you don’t get romesco all over your chest!

The season lasts until the end of April more or less, so you’ve still got time!

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