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The most complete exhibition of the artist Antoni Tàpies includes Augmented Reality. VIDEO

The exhibition

The Fundació Antoni Tàpies and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) launched this Thursday the great retrospective ‘Tapies, from l’interior’, dedicated to the artist in double descriptive headquarters, more than a year after the death of this exponent of the art from the second half of the twentieth century

Curated by the former director of the Tate Modern in London Vicente Todoli, the sample meets an old dream of the artist of the matter and will be comprised of scores of works that Tàpies was in his workshop, and that in most cases have not been seen previously.




Augmented Reality

This project has been posible using the technology of image recognition developed by a software company located in Barcelona called Catchoom and powered by the application LAYAR for mobile devices.

The Augmented Reality is launched from the application MusGUIDE. This app has been created by an startup called Namastech placed in Castelldefels. The aim of the App is to became a manager of the exhibitions around the world for the users of mobile devices.


The team

The project has been developed by the Namastech staff in collaboration with the teacher Isidro Navarro and the student of degree of Architecture Alex Rodiera in collaboration with INarquitectura

‘…it could be a reference in the future for applications for museums using Augmented Reallity’


Press and media

El PeriódicoEl País, El País Semanal, La Vanguardia, La Razón, Vilaweb, ElCultural, HoyesArte




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