25 July 2019

2019 MaaS Awards ceremony held

Master’s degree students presented with the awards for their solutions to real challenges posed by various companies

La Salle-URL has held the 2019 MaaS Awards ceremony, in which several cross-disciplinary groups of master’s students presented their solutions to the challenges posed by various companies. 

These are challenges put forward by companies in the eHealth and industry 4.0 sectors, with companies such as Sanofi, FhiosSant Pau Hospital, Grífols, Telefónica and Artesanies Carlit, alongside the Sprint 4.0 project (with OHS, Selettra and CELSA, with funding from the European Union's Erasmus+ programme). The jury included representatives from companies such as Laboratoris Almirall, Ferrovial Services, Mapfre, Cuatrecasas and CT Ingenieros.

MaaS (Master as a Service) is part of La Salle-URL’s teaching ecosystem based on real challenges and interdisciplinary work, allowing students to take their learning beyond the classroom.

The teams of students came from various master’s degrees, and were this year comprised of students from our Master’s Degree in Technology for Digital Transformation (MTTD), the Master's in Cybersecurity (MCS), the Master’s in eCommerce (MECOM), the Master’s in Big Data (MBD), the Master’s in Data Science (MUDS), the Master’s in Smart City and Smart Grid Technologies (MTSS), the Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (MET) and the Master’s in BIM Management (MBIMM). Some of the teams also benefited from the help of engineering students.

The winning project was the project for the management and maintenance of an aeronautical assembly line and its tools, a theme put forward by Sprint 4.0 and which was solved by a team with members from our MTSS, MBD, MET and our Degree in Telecommunications Engineering.

The solution was based on defining a data processing system for the management and maintenance of an aeronautical assembly line using the automation of key parameters going from a system based on spreadsheets to an automated model.