16 December 2021

On Campus, like at home

The world is constantly changing. The arrival and evolution of the Coronavirus has brought a new reality into our lives. A new reality to adapt to and approach with positivity.

The positivity with which we have overcome all barriers and have worked these months. With the desire to improve, to be grateful and to move forward together. Because year after year we focus on improving the educational quality of our studies and the experience that students live on the Campus of La Salle-URL. After a difficult year for all of us, the development of a comprehensive deconfinement plan and the adaptations to make the Campus a safe place, we can say: together, we have succeeded!

We want to offer you the best of ourselves to bring out the best in you. But, above all, we want to thank you for your trust and faith in these times of change and uncertainty.

At La Salle-URL we have taken note. We want to anticipate any change of scenario and offer the best educational experience that this new paradigm presents us with. Therefore, we are working to anticipate the changes to achieve a more solid and secure identity than before. We want to get closer than ever to you and make you feel at home.