26 June 2020

End of course staff meeting: Realistic balance and confidence for the future

The virtualization of the last staff meeting, which was held in April, has been maintained in the staff meeting of the end of the course. In any case, the new normality helps to recover routines, and has allowed the majority of the members of the Management Team to explain the situation of La Salle-URL from the Campus. The hybrid style of the session is a preview of what is to come: a multimodal Campus, capable of adapting to all kinds of unforeseen events and requirements, in which Smart learning will be the unifying and mainstreaming concept.

About 200 people have connected to the session and have been able to know the current and future reality of La Salle. A complex but hopeful reality. In this sense, the balance of the Management Team has been realistic. The complexities caused by what happened have been explained, but a message of hope and confidence has also been launched, related to the great work done during these months. This work has been included in the introductory video, in which the music of Lluís Llach and Pau Donés has accompanied the images of some of the moments of teleworking and virtualization of teaching during these months.

The general director of the La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, Josep M. Santos, welcomed from the Boardroom with a message of encouragement, and also of responsibility: “We are still partially separated, we have to be responsible to be back together, to fight together, at the service of La Salle.” Josep Maria Ribes, the director of Academic Planning, has made a comprehensive assessment of the course, both from the PreCOVID period and from the virtualized stage, highlighting the "normality in exceptionality" with which the entire community has worked. He has also looked forward: "We think of maximizing onsite teaching and consolidating our methodological evolution with Smart learning."

Along the same realistic lines, Maria Pilar Torné, Director of Marketing and Business Development, spoke of data and objectives: "COVID has forced changes to the forecasts, we live in a more competitive environment than ever." And in the face of uncertainties, answers: adaptive methodology, new scholarships and grants, rethinking of strategies. In this sense, Lara Alonso, director of RRII, Projection and Organization, has spoken of "new priorities" and of a "new framework of action and a new evolution of the strategic plan." Jordi Margalef and Íñigo Pradera, as representatives of the COVID-19 Monitoring Committee, have referred to the economic instability caused by the pandemic, but they have also highlighted the importance of people: “We have always wanted to preserve people, preserve talent." They have discussed the measures that are being carried out, with the help of external professionals, to maintain a safe campus and the absence of specific regulations for universities.

The event has been dismissed, as usual, by Josep M. Santos and Germà Josep Canal, president of the FUNITEC Patronato. "Let's avoid good-naturedness, but let's work without fear, we have to be generous and responsible", Josep Santos recalled. Germà Josep Canal has highlighted the importance of adapting and has valued “proximity and tenderness” as key elements to get ahead. The staff meeting has finished with the good vibes of Eso que tú me das, the last song by Pau Donés.

Together we make it possible!