15 January 2021

Exams guidelines in the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year

As indicated by the academic calendar, between January 18th and 29th, the evaluations of the first semester of this 2020-2021 academic year will take place. Following the institutional spirit of La Salle-URL, with the certainty that our facilities are safe and the conviction that the quality of some of the exam evaluations requires your presence in order to be as fair as possible, some guidelines have been proposed within the framework of current regulations, as is stated in the resolution of the Generalitat of Catalonia SLT/1/2021 of January 4, 2021.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the priority of La Salle Campus Barcelona has been, as always, the well-being of all the people who are part of the community, and especially the students. La Salle-URL was the first Spanish university to be accredited with the ASPY ‘COVID protected space’ seal, and thanks to the new Smart Learning educational model a great degree of flexibility and personalization of studies has been achieved. All on-site programs have been adapted to this educational model, and have been adjusted to the multiples and unexpected scenarios that the pandemic has brought in recent months.

In reference to the evaluation tests in the coming weeks, a very good part of them will be done without being on campus, while others will have to be done in person. Adhering to the current regulatory framework, all the necessary measures will be taken to reinforce the security of the facilities while carrying out the exams: cleaning and disinfection of spaces, ventilation, organization of classrooms and schedules, protective measures, staggered access to spaces, etc. Detailed instructions for students and teachers can be found in the attached document.

La Salle Campus Barcelona would like to thank all the students for their understanding, collaboration and ability to adapt. At the same time, asks to maintain a responsible attitude and respect security measures during presence on campus to take the exams.