26 June 2018

La Salle Technova Barcelona trains future investors in technological start-ups

La Salle Technova Barcelona, the La Salle-URL innovation park, is organizing the 13th edition of its School of Business Angels, to be held on 11th and 12th July. During the course will explain how to invest as a Business Angels with experienced investors and professionals from the sector.

This training teaches participants how to invest in startups with experienced and professional investors in the sector. Its objective is to introduce the participants to the mechanics of investment, highlighting the most critical points of the process and explaining the most commonly used methodologies.

Fostering an investment, entrepreneurship and risk management culture is the triple challenge of this programme which also helps to increase investor confidence in investing while developing their analytical capacity to identify investment opportunities. In addition, it will offer the possibility of being part of a real network of active Business Angels and attending one of their investment forums that will take place during the development of the School.

The program is structured in 5 modules through which students will deepen their knowledge of the whole process of investing in entrepreneurial projects: philosophy of a Business Angel and his role in future investment rounds and success strategy, sources of Deal flow, detection of opportunities and qualitative analysis, methods of valuing companies with practical cases, legal and administrative aspects of investment and the monitoring and success of investees, as well as expanding the network of contacts in the world of startups and help to take the first steps as an investor and negotiation simulations between entrepreneurs and investors of an operation.