07 November 2019


More than 2000 students from ESAN Business School have taken part in an educational stay to study specialisation programmes at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL

To commemorate the anniversary of the collaboration between La Salle-URL and ESAN, a ceremony was held for the signing of an extension agreement, and a plaque was unveiled celebrating 15 years of joint work between the two institutions.

Representing ESAN at the event was: Jorge Talavera, rector; Peter Yamakawa, dean; Eddy Morris, director of the MBA, director of the Master's in Information Technology Management and Project Management; and Aldo Bresani, director of the Master’s in Supply Chain Management. La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL was represented by Josep Santos, the general director; Josep Piqué, director of Internationalisation and Innovation for Companies and Entrepreneurs; and Francesc Miralles, the dean.

The event highlighted the successful joint work carried out by both of the educational institutions over more than a decade which has benefited both participants and teachers, allowing them to take part in an environment of internationalisation and obtain a more global perspective

Eddy Morris indicated that participants benefit from a global experience that allows them to get out of their routine, break with paradigms and change their points of view, both from in terms of work and academia, as well as their personal lives.

Josep Santos stated his belief that working together allows both institutions to offer participants the best of each school, and that this helped students from both Barcelona and Lima to see themselves as part of a global environment without distinction.


The academic collaboration agreement signed during the ceremony seeks to foster and expand the academic and professional ties between the two institutions.

The agreement includes the promotion of exchange, not only of students but also of research professors, as well as of information, publications and the elaboration of joint projects and research within the framework of the transfer of technology and knowledge.

The agreement signed will also seek to integrate the La Salle Technova Park and the Internet of Things Institute of Catalonia with the ESAN Innovation Hub to bring forward joint programmes in the field of technology transfer, projects and research to help develop both countries.

International innovation and entrepreneurship programmes will also be pursued, both for students and teachers. Participants will be able to take their start-ups to the entrepreneurial hubs at both institutions.

The first collaboration agreement between La Salle-URL and ESAN was signed in 2003, when more than 20 students completed a two-week study placement on the La Salle Campus. Since then, the two institutions began to offer joint postgraduate studies, including an international placement on campus. 2006 saw the start of the joint Master’s in Technology Management, the Master’s in Project Management in 2008, and in 2009 the Master’s in Supply Chain Management and Technology. This collaboration also extends to MBA programmes.



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