22 October 2018

La Salle-URL and Universal Robots sign collaboration agreement on training in robotics

Electronic engineering students will experiment with cobots and search for new applications and developments

La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL, represented by its general director, Josep M. Santos, and Universal Robots, represented by Jordi Pelegrí, Head of Business Development for Iberia, have signed a collaboration agreement to work together to offer training in the field of robotics, as well as in other activities in this sector.

Universal Robots is dedicated to integrating robots into the production line of companies around the globe, and with 60% market share, it is the world leader in collaborative robotics. Universal Robots has reinvented robotics with its light, flexible robotic arms called cobots (collaborative robots). Their Danish-designed cobots can easily automate production in all sectors, improving effectiveness.

La Salle-URL has had one of these collaborative robots, or cobots, at its robotics department since last year. It is an arm that is controlled using a touch screen. Easy to install and able to be adapted to multiple applications without having to change its production design, it means great benefits for the production lines. At La Salle-URL, students of our degree in electronic engineering have the chance to experiment with cobots and look for new applications and developments.

To this end, Universal Robots has also presented its project "Universal Robots Hackathon 2019” at La Salle-URL. This is a competition aimed at university students who will join teams of six people and attempt to evolve robotics and connectivity with the world by: developing solutions to improve human interaction through dialogue, thus improving performance; the use of augmented reality for advanced diagnostics during maintenance; and the integration of the Internet of Things for monitoring services.


Josep M. Santos, general director of La Salle-URL and Jordi Pelegrí, Director of Development at Universal Robots

Guiomar Corral, undergraduate programmes director of La Salle-URL; Josep M. Santos, general director of La Salle-URL; Jordi Pelegri, sales director; Jordi Saboya, UR+ manager; Carlos Perez, technical support engineer; and Vincent Chavy, marketing manager at Universal Robots; David Vernet, academic director of Engineering Masters; and Iñigo Pradera, director of Business departament at La Salle-URL.