16 September 2019

La Salle-URL and the Zona Franca Consortium hold the second logistics start-up acceleration programme

8 emerging companies from around the world that were selected during the SIL and eDelivery Barcelona fairs take part in this 22-week programme

The second edition of the eDelivery Accelerator, a start-up acceleration programme for the logistics sector promoted by La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL’s innovation park, La Salle Technova Barcelona, and the Barcelona Zona Franca Consortium, is now underway. This programme will accelerate 8 innovative start-ups from around the world, all in the logistics sector with B2B and B2C projects, and will last 22 weeks. This alliance facilitates contact and relationships between the start-ups and other companies in the sector, as well as with investors to finance their growth.

Josep Miquel Piqué, Executive President of La Salle Technova Barcelona, highlighted the fact that “new start-ups are forging the future of logistics thanks to disruptive innovations leveraged in new technologies. These start-ups are a source of innovation in the sector, and the eDelivery Accelerator will be the epicentre of this change”. Pere Navarro, Special State Delegate for the Zona Franca Consortium, highlighted the commitment of the CZFB with this type of projects, telling attendees that the Consortium hopes to continue working on partnership models with companies and universities that may be technological partners. We will continue to foster start-ups in both the logistics and real estate sectors. That’s why we have a very close collaboration with La Salle Technova, so we can work together in this transformational process that is so important to our institution’s commitment to the digital challenge”. The CZFB continues in this line of work with the goal of “promoting those activities that improve people’s lives. We are going to continue collaborating and promoting this type of experience”, said Navarro.

A total of 8 international start-ups

The first participants include 8 start-ups that were selected as part of the Start-up Connection Hub held at eDelivery Barcelona last June: FlexSim, CargoBici, Pay Mark Fast, Vonzu, Internet of Things, StockAgile,  Way Director and Mayordomo. They all apply technology to traditional processes in the logistics, delivery and final-mile sectors. FlexSim is a 3D process simulation software that allows you to visualise, analyse and optimise any system, CargoBici offers a final-mile logistics solution using cycling, and Pay Mark Fast offers a identification system using radiofrequencies in passive smart tags attached to products and goods. Vonzu is a cloud software that allows companies to digitalise, automate and manage all processes involving distribution of goods in cities, and StockAgile is a cloud-based solution that optimises, facilitates and streamlines management of the supply chain in retail companies. Internet of Things also uses the latest IoT and Blockchain technology to provide an integrated traceability platform. Way Director is a platform that connects shipments with carriers across the globe, and Mayordomo develops intelligent ticket offices that manage all packages without waiting times and includes a comprehensive catalogue of services.

The goal of the accelerator is to improve people's ability to carry out new business initiatives and start new innovative projects while providing the tools necessary to identify, develop and create market opportunities, as well as helping to learn ways of taking commercial initiatives global. The eDelivery Accelerator also aims to improve readiness for start-up investment, prepare start-ups to work together with businesses, and create relevant networks with potential corporate partners.

During the eDelivery Accelerator, Investment Readiness advice and guidance will be offered to help the start-ups achieve success in investment rounds, and entrepreneur-focussed team sessions will help them improve performance. Agile Sales sessions will also be held offering advanced marketing and sales techniques that link theoretical and practical concepts providing a global, results-oriented vision, and Corporate Workshops to bring start-ups closer to consolidated companies in the sector that expose the current needs of the business environment and present challenges to solve.

The first session of these Corporate Workshops has been the company Bricomart, specialized store of sale of products for the market of the construction and the reform.