10 July 2023

La Salle-URL encourages creativity with Minecraft contest for prospective students

Participate until July 21 creating your own city of the future from Somia la ciutat

Are you passionate about digital arts and virtual environments? Are you thinking of boosting your future by training in design and creation of interactive products? This is your place!  

At La Salle-URL we are launching a contest for those future students who want to broaden their knowledge in the world of digital art, multimedia engineering or design, video game creation... challenging them to create their own city based on the Somia la ciutat model led by students from the campus.  

Somia la ciutat is an exhibition carried out by students of La Salle-URL that had the opportunity to be exhibited from last March until June 11 at the Palau Robert in Barcelona. The exhibition delves into the new paths that constitute the cities of the future, in an optimistic and realistic way at the same time. The initial proposal revolved around an installation in which visitors and users designed their ideal city, inviting them to innovate through the creation and planning of the cities of the future.  

The project was carried out with the aim of training professionals committed to innovation and sustainable development in the urban environment.  

Create your own city of the future with Minecraft   

On this occasion, we invited our future students to participate in a unique experience that combines the virtual world of Minecraft with the cities of the future.   

Based on the construction of the futuristic metropolis Somia la ciutat, you will have to give life to your own city of the future. Design the buildings, parks, streets and all the necessary infrastructures and functionalities for your ideal city of the future. Think about aspects such as sustainability, connectivity, inclusion, quality of life of its inhabitants... We want you to become a virtual urban planner and contribute fresh and innovative ideas.  

Through this challenge in Minecraft, we want to encourage creativity, participation and collaboration of our potential future students.  

What do you have to do to participate?   

To participate in the contest, all you have to do is download the contest information and let your imagination run wild by following these steps:   

  1. Download the template at the following link

  1. Create your construction from the template using Minecraft  

  1. Register your data in the form

  1. Send the proposal to the Play & Roll club at the following email: somialaciutat@salle.url.edu    

The academic area will evaluate the projects together with the La Salle-URL Play & Roll Club and will decide among all, the best one. The winner will receive a 10% discount on next year's enrollment in the Degree in Digital Arts, Degree in Multimedia Engineering and Degree in Design and Creation of Interactive Products.  

Are you interested in the digital world and are thinking of studying related studies? Participate in the contest and discover the possibilities that La Salle-URL offers you!