People with Values

People are at the heart of everything at La Salle. For this reason, the education we offer covers the highest level of technical training with a firm grounding in ethics and values, in order to meet the challenges of the future.

At La Salle Campus Barcelona, we train professionals with a strong ethical commitment and the necessary values to bring innovation, who know how to adapt to changes and lead the transformations of a society that is in continuous development. All our teaching, research and transfer of knowledge are linked, meaning students can develop a solid, comprehensive life project.


We are committed to technology, not only in the most technologically advanced programmes, such as the Undergraduate Degrees in Management of Business and Technology and Computer Engineering, but also in all the other Degrees and Masters we offer.

We know that emerging technologies bring value to companies. This is why all our studies have a digital orientation that properly prepares students whatever their career path.

We believe in new technological advances. They are revolutionising the world of knowledge as we know it, and will define the education and professional futures of all our students.

New technologies are the driving force behind change. At La Salle, we prepare our students to work with the latest technologies and create and develop the technologies of tomorrow.


Innovation has been a key feature of La Salle since its inception, both in the creation of pioneering advanced studies and programmes, and in our use of innovative methodologies (learning by challenge, learning by doing, etc.).

Our approach is interdisciplinary, with transversal, interrelated areas of knowledge that assist in the transfer of knowledge and technology.

At La Salle we have agreements with the main companies in each educational sector. This means our students are able to tackle real projects in these companies. In addition, we have our own innovation park on Campus, La Salle Technova Barcelona.


At La Salle we foster innovation for the creation of our own business projects. This is possible thanks to La Salle Technova Barcelona, which is available to all students.

If our students have an entrepreneurial profile, we help them create their own company through the business school and La Salle Technova Barcelona.


La Salle-URL was declared an International Campus of Excellence in 2015. We have earned national and international recognition for our quality education. 

The Campus is home to students from more than 60 different nationalities.

We prepare our students to work in a global world, giving them the opportunity to learn about different cultures and business styles by conducting internships and exchanges with other major universities in the United States and China. We are also proud to boast international teaching staff, and we teach subjects and degrees in English. Thanks to all this, the professionals who graduate from La Salle Campus Barcelona are prepared to work at an international level.