09 November 2017

Learning4Work: a project that improves the performance of students of FP

The Project “Enhancing Motivation and performance of Profesional Training students based on Immersive methods in International Environments”, also known by the acronym Learning4Work (www.learning4work.eu), led by the Research Group GRETEL of La Salle BCN, has come to an end with satisfactory results.

Learning4Work, a project that could be carried out thanks to EEC funding through the Erasmus+ program and with Grant number: 2014-1-ES01-KA202-004845, aims to impact students' motivation and performance through the use of immersive methods in international environments.

For three years (2014-2017), strategies have been developed within the framework of Vocational Training students (FP), with the main objective of achieving an improvement in their learning processes and, thus, to decrease their rate of abandonment as much as possible, and that these are entirely applicable to the world of work.

Thus, a large number of innovations have been implemented in the students' curriculum: online training, immersive world training, role-based learning, project-based learning, international partners, etc., and the methods and productivity have been evaluated.

The project has been developed by a consortium made up of ten partners. Among them, the coordinating partner formed by members of the Research Group GRETEL, from La Salle Campus Barcelona (FUNITEC-Ramon Llull University, España); and others three main partners: FIDAE and ISP for Italy, and ASSEDIL for France.Six associated partners have also participated: the FP schools where the project will be developed (2 in Spain, 2 in Italy and 2 in France).

It is estimated that aroung 2000 students and 300 teachers will be able to benefit from the results of the project over the next four years, through the future application of this methodology in their schools.

The results of the project can be read in the book published for this purpose, and available in both Spanish and English at the following links:

Spanish: http://www.learning4work.eu/es/libro-final-del-proyecto/

English: http://www.learning4work.eu/final-project-book/